Coaching for Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis and Dissertation

I accompany you personally in your master thesis / bachelor thesis / diploma thesis / dissertation. In doing so, I use my professional experience: as a lecturer and as a coach of doctoral candidates and students since 2001 – with many very positive feedbacks.

I coax you in the legal framework, so that you can sign the declaration of independence with a clear conscience and submit your master thesis / bachelor thesis / diploma thesis / dissertation with pride. – No ghostwriting!

The requirements and rules for the Master’s thesis formally derive from the module description and the examination regulations. In the following, important points of these regulations as well as the practical handling are explained.

Guidelines for Master Theses in Physics

Entitlement to Care: All faculty members who are authorized to examine are entitled to award and supervise master theses. According to of the Examination Regulations, this includes university teachers, private lecturers as well as academic staff, to whom the examination authority has been delegated (mainly junior research group leaders with permission to teach). The second examiner (or examiner) of the master’s thesis as well as the colloquium belongs to this group according to  of the examination regulations. Exceptions are junior research group leaders, who are only admitted as first carers in accordance with ยง6 of the faculty-specific regulations for the issuance of the examination permit of junior research group leaders. All examiners are required to actively participate in the supervision and examination of master theses. The initial supervision of a Master’s thesis can be credited with 0.6 SWS to the teaching load. An online platform is available for the announcement of Master’s thesis topics. The access presupposes its own user ID at the University Computing Center (URZ), which is filled in with a user request; and signed to the dean’s office can be obtained.

Procedure: Master’s students seek a topic and a supervisor (or supervisor) as soon as possible. In doing so, they support the online database as well as corresponding information days. Even project internships are well suited for initiating and preparing a master’s thesis. The registration takes place (as in the case of diploma theses) by means of an appropriate form at the examination secretariat. This checks whether the prerequisites have been met. For the admission to the compulsory modules “Specialized Specialization” and “Methodological Knowledge and Project Planning” a certificate of successful completion of the oral final examination has to be presented. Admission to the Master’s thesis requires the successful completion of the two compulsory modules “Specialized Specialization” and “Methodological Knowledge and Project Planning”, each of which takes 3 months. The candidate must complete the Master’s thesis at the latest two weeks after successful completion of the two compulsory modules or submit an application for the assignment of a Master thesis topic to the chairperson of the Examination Board. The processing time is 6 months (start and end dates are recorded on the registration form). In exceptional cases, an extension of one month is possible. After the work has been handed over, the supervisor will receive a form to register and report the grade for the written work and the written report for the work.

Period: Most Master Candidates will want to start their thesis in the 3rd semester.

Content and form of the work: In the six months, which are available for a master thesis, a real independent research achievement is to be aimed for. The candidates should be integrated into the supervisor’s working group during the work. The written work should be comparable to the previous diploma theses. The thesis can be written in German or English and must contain a German and English abstract. Templates for the first three pages are provided by the exam secretariat.

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