How to avoid plagiarism?

At the latest since the plagiarism affair around Guttenberg, the universities use plagiarism software with which they can determine whether all sources from the Internet have actually been specified. The specially produced software compares the work with all sources that can be found on this topic in electronic form. Once a match of eight consecutive words can be determined, the software that is controlling the uploaded work will fail and indicate the particular source on the Internet. In doing so, she does not make a distinction between literal quotations, analogous quotations and the question of whether the reference to the source is included or not. Therefore, every notified body has to be viewed again. If she was quoted correctly, she is fine. Subsequently, the information that is not correctly cited, is reviewed again. Here also human discretion plays a certain role. Attention is paid not only to plagiarism control, but also to any break in style or passages written in good English, while other parts of the paper tend to be poor in this regard. Here is also the suspicion that parts were taken from the Internet or from another job. For this purpose, the University of Vienna stores about all theses that have been written in the house since 2008. If actually missing sources are found, then it must be considered whether there is an intention to deceive or only an oversight. Maybe the author had a certain phrase “in the back of his mind”, but did not remember that it came from an internet source. If there are a few minor violations, then the possibility can be given to indicate the missing sources. However, if these omissions accumulate, then the intention is to deceive, with the result that the survey in question must once again be filed with another subject and the level of popularity among the other lecturers should increase.

As an agency, we can check a previously written work in advance, so that places where an alarm has been sounded can be reworked before submission. In addition, customers can assume that the authors’ templates also go through this software, so that no plagiarism leaves the house.

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